Backpacking Through Europe with Brenna Holeman: confessional travel blogging, showing up authentically online, and finding love abroad


Travel blogger extraordinaire Brenna Holeman started traveling solo in 2006 and has since been to 103 countries, chronicling her adventures along the way on her blog This Battered Suitcase. What sets Brenna apart from other travel bloggers is her candid style of storytelling. Always personal, intimate and inviting, her work immerses you. In this episode, Brenna shares the story of her first solo trip backpacking around Europe and the ways it ignited her career as a travel writer. Esme and Brenna speak about Brenna’s personal, confessional approach to blogging, the ways travel sets the stage for falling in love, and the joy of moving home to Winnipeg, Canada, after living in Japan and the UK for many years.


You can find Brenna on Instagram @thisbatteredsuitcase and visit her website

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